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CCTV Systems for Home & Business

Digital Recorder (DVR)

This is the latest way to record picture images, digitally onto a hard drive. This gives you all the controls of a VCR but with no tapes or moving parts and gives faster retrieval of data with greater clarity. It can also be viewed remotely on a password protected PC. Recordings can be used for Police evidence, as the time and date are shown on the recording.

CCTV Systems for Home & Business

Over the past few years, CCTV has become increasingly affordable and effective to deter thieves and vandals. New digital technology means that CCTV cameras produce crystal clear images that leave no doubt about the offenders identity. They are aware that home or business CCTV systems CCTV Cameracan quite easily secure a conviction so tend to avoid them where possible.

Why take a chance that you will be identified by a CCTV system when there are plenty of houses without alarms or security monitoring devices. We can offer highly visible cameras that have proven to be a very effective deterrent against burglary and vandalism.

A typical CCTV system supplied by Alb Systems has the following features:

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