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Intruder alarm, cctv, access control.

Access Control, Door Entry Systems

Access Control, Door Entry Systems

We have been using Paxton Access equipment for over 10 years. In fact we have a Paxton system controlling access to our own premises - and it has never failed in the 10 years it has been installed! It is this kind of reliability, coupled with superb value for money in a British-made product that means that we continue to specify Paxton Access systems to our customers without hesitation.

Access to controlled areas can be controlled by a variety of different devices including swipe-readers, keypads accepting numerical codes, proximity readers (shown above and right) which read a proximity card or tag, and even the latest "biometric" devices which can read a user's fingerprint or retina!

For external use where vandalism might be a problem, vandal-proof tag readers can be used (shown at right with watch-mounted micro-prox tag).

The Net 2 control software can be run on on a PC linked directly to the Net2 system or even on one or more PCs on the company's LAN. This means that Managers can control and monitor users movements through the controlled areas and produce periodic reports including time attendance reports if necessary. A receptionist run the Net2 programme on her PC to control temporary access (including ID badges/cards) for the company's visitors. The possibilities are numerous.

The benefits and huge range of facilities offered by a Net2 access control system are impossible to cover here. For a free PC demonstration disk please call our Freephone sales line. Or we would be happy to discuss your needs and offer a solution and quotation completely free of charge.

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